Carers Welcome

We campaigned to enable carers to stay with people who are admitted into hospital with dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

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Since 2016 we have been campaigning for families to have greater access to relatives with dementia while they are in hospital. Whether that's by extending visiting hours or allowing them to stay overnight, the aim is the same: carers are welcome.

The campaign is not about compelling carers to stay in hospital – carers need and deserve respite. Instead, it’s about ensuring carers’ rights and protecting the dignity of those with dementia.

Campaign Achievements

WI members took part in the sensory band challenge by crafting sensory bands (or twiddle muffs) to donate to their local hospital wards or care homes. Sensory bands are designed to bring comfort to those with dementia by triggering senses through the use of different textures, embellishments and colours. Thanks to the combined efforts of WI members, thousands of resources have now been created that will continue to benefit people with dementia.

A group of women working at a care home

In March 2018 we published a report into the state of dementia care in hospitals and support for family carers. The report found:

  • Dementia care is far from good enough in many cases, with hospitals failing to treat patients with dignity and respect and provide an adequate level of care.
  • 66% of carers who took part in our survey could remember a time when the nursing or healthcare needs of their loved one were not met.
  • 41% of carers said that ‘all or most of the time’ hospital staff did not meet their loved one’s care needs.
  • Few carers feel supported with only 3% offered a ‘carer’s passport’ and 2% shown around the ward.

To download the full report click here.

Further Information

To find out more about the campaign, what the WI has achieved and how you can take the campaign forward download the campaign legacy pack.

If you are not already a WI member, the members decide the WI campaigns through a democratic vote. We would love to welcome a new WI member, please click here for further details.

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