Who founded the Women's Institute?

Why was the organisation called Women's Institute?

What is the difference between the NFWI and the WI?

Why was Jerusalem chosen as the WI's anthem?

Which members of the Royal family have joined the WI?

What are the "Objectives" of the Women's Institute?

How old does a woman have to be to join the WI?

What types of membership does the WI offer?

What are WI Supporters?

Can I become a WI member if I live in Scotland or Northern Ireland?

Can men join the WI?

How do I pay for my membership?

Can members pay pro-rata, depending on the month they join the WI?

Can I serve as a president of my WI for one year only?

Can WI members campaign on every issue that interests them?

Who decides which resolutions are presented at the WI Annual Meeting?

Do NFWI staff vote on issues decided by the Board of Trustees?