The Women’s Institute is democratic and member-led, and the resolutions process is unique in putting members at the heart of decisions about our campaign activity. Every issue that we campaign on stems directly from a resolution put forward by members and adopted at the Annual Meeting. WI members have a unique opportunity to turn a concern into a national campaign every year, backed by the whole of the WI.

General Secretary Melissa speaking at the Annual Meeting 2022

A resolution is a call for change on a current issue in society. Once a resolution has been adopted at the Annual Meeting, the Public Affairs Department turns it into a campaign. Through national and local campaigning, members play a key role in achieving change on important issues.

Read more about the history of our campaigning here.

Current Stage of the Resolution Process

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If you are not already a WI member, the members decide the WI campaigns through a democratic vote. We would love to welcome a new WI member! Please click here for further details.

How a Resolution becomes a Campaign

  1. Stage I

    Between July and September, WIs and federations submit resolutions about current issues they are concerned about, to the NFWI.

  2. Stage II

    In early autumn, the submitted resolutions are discussed and debated by federation and member representatives and reduced to a shortlist.

  3. Stage III

    Between November and February, federations and WIs hold meetings to discuss the shortlisted resolutions, giving every member the chance to have their say on the shortlist. Each member casts their selection for the resolution they support the most.

  4. Stage IV

    The NFWI Board of Trustees reviews the results of the member selections and agrees on the resolutions to go forward to the Annual Meeting. This is usually one resolution, but sometimes more than one is taken forward. These resolutions are then again discussed by each WI to determine how they wish their delegate to vote at the AM.

  5. Stage V

    At the Annual Meeting, delegates hear from the resolution proposer, seconder and experts on the topic before they cast votes on behalf of WIs to adopt a resolution. If a resolution is adopted it will go on to form the basis of a WI campaign.