Current campaigns and initiatives

Have your voice heard and make a real impact on local, national and global issues by getting involved in WI campaigns.

Our campaigns bring WI members together to take action and achieve real change in policy and practice on the issues that we all care about.

In recent years our campaigns have helped achieve:

  • Citing the More Midwives Campaign report Support Overdue in 2015, NHS England announced a major review of maternity services. The findings of the review were published in February 2016 and included findings from the NFWI's Support Overdue report. In 2015 the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) published its first-ever guidance on safe midwifery staffing.
  • Cross-party commitment to diversion and liaison schemes - a 'care not custody' approach to end the inappropriate detention of people with mental health needs. £5m pilot funding was announced by the Secretaries of State for Health and Justice in March 2011. In 2015 the investment was increased to £50 million and covered 50% of England. At a special event in 2016 with the Health Minister Alistair Burt, a further £12 million investment in liaison and diversion services were announced. This vital new funding will extend NHS England liaison and diversion services to cover 75% of the population in England by 2018.
  • £10m funding, announced in June 2010, for research into pollinator health. Thanks to the grant, research will be carried out into bee diseases and the effect of pesticides to help better understand threats to the honeybee population. Government commitment, announced in June 2013 to develop an action plan for bees.
  • European Parliament commitment to introduce mandatory country of origin labelling on all fresh meat (July 2011).
  • Government concessions on Legal Aid reform, strengthening safeguards in draft legislation for domestic violence victims (spring 2012).

Key campaigns

Find out more about each of our key campaigns:

Take action - campaign resources

If you want to take action in your WI on any of our campaigns we have a range of resources that you can use. These can be downloaded from the links below, or hard copies can be ordered from the NFWI public affairs team.

Celebrate our democracy

2018 marks a century since women were granted the vote for the first time, and it's 90 years since all women the vote at age 21. 2018 also marks one hundred years since the passing of the earliest WI resolutions - focusing on the need for sanitary housing. To find out more ways you can get involved, download our toolkit.

Make Time for Mental Health

End Plastic Soup

Link Together

Food Matters

Show the love

Carers Welcome

More Midwives

SOS for Honeybees

Time to Talk about Organ Donation

Care Not Custody

General Campaigns and Public Affairs leaflets

If you would like hard copies of any of these resources please contact the NFWI public affairs team and let us know which of the resources you would like, how many copies you want and the address to which you would like us to post them.