Resolutions and mandates

2017/18 Resolution Shortlist Resources

This year, 68 resolutions were submitted. These were narrowed down to five by representatives from federations at a shortlisting meeting in London on 2 October.The next step is for you to consider all five and select the one you would most like to go forward for further discussion and final voting at the Annual Meeting in June 2018. Submission forms need to be submitted back to your federation by 9 February (check arrangements for this with your WI Secretary).

The NFWI has published a range of materials to support discussions on the 2017/18 resolutions shortlist, including PowerPoint presentations, videos and a guide to holding a resolution discussion. 

All of the materials can be downloaded here. We recommend that WIs and federations hold discussion meetings to explore the issues in more depth. 

Resources are available to support WIs and members engage with the resolutions process, you can download these here:              

Mandates passed at recent Annual Meetings              

Follow the links below for information about the mandates passed at recent Annual Meetings: