Resolutions and mandates

2017 Annual Meeting Resolutions            

At the NFWI Annual Meeting in Liverpool on 7 June 2017 delegates voted to pass two resolutions, End Plastic Soup and Link Together, which will both now form the basis of new NFWI campaigns. For more information on how to get involved with End Plastic Soup see here and for more information on Link Together please see here

Submit a resolution!                

Do you feel inspired to submit a resolution on a issue that you feel passionately about? Submissions for the 2017/18 resolutions process are now open! Any member can propose a resolution for consideration - simply complete a submission form by hand or online, and remember to read the guidance notes!  A range of other useful resources  can also be found below to support your submission.                

Resolutions submission form 2017/18:              

To support you through the process of submitting a resolution, including how to ensure you have a strongly worded resolution, the NFWI public affairs team have created a new guidance note. This can be downloaded here:              

The resolution timetable has been updated to reflect an alteration to the timings of the shortlist stage for the 2017/18 process. An organisation-wide deadline of 9 February 2018 has been set by the NFWI for selections to arrive with federations, meaning that WIs will have at least the whole of December and January to discuss the shortlisted resolutions. The updated timetable can be downloaded here:  

Further resources are available to support WIs and members engage with the resolutions process, you can download these here:              

Mandates passed at recent Annual Meetings              

Follow the links below for information about the mandates passed at recent Annual Meetings: