Resolutions and mandates

2019/20 Resolution Process

The documents for this year’s resolution process are now available to download.

You will find:

  1. Resolution timetable
  2. Resolution guidance notes
  3. Resolution submission form

Online Submission Form: To fill out the resolution submission form online please click here.

Please read through the whole form and prepare all of your answers before beginning to enter them to ensure you do not lose any information if your internet connection is lost before you can submit. Alternatively if you wish to download the form to fill it out, please click here.

NFWI Resolution timetable 2019/20

1 July 2019

Resolution submission forms sent to federations and WIs.

13 September 2019

Closing date for resolutions to be submitted to the NFWI. The federation deadline is earlier (check with your federation)

23 September 2019

Federation shortlisting representatives notified of details of resolution shortlist selection meeting. Resolutions longlist circulated.

1 October 2019

Federation representatives meet to compile shortlist of resolutions, supported by NFWI trustees and staff as appropriate.

1 November 2019

Shortlist resolution resources including videos and PowerPoint presentations published on NFWI website

20 November 2019
WI Life

Shortlisted resolutions, paragraphs of essential facts and points, and selection slip appear in November issue of WI Life.

Late Nov 2019–
early Feb 2020

Federations and WIs hold meetings to discuss the shortlisted resolutions. Members select the resolution they support the most.

14 February 2020

Deadline for resolution selection results to be returned to federations.

21 February 2020

Deadline for federations to return tallied selection results to the NFWI.

Late February 2020

NFWI Board of Trustees finalises resolution/s for 2020 Annual Meeting agenda, based on number of selections from WI members. Memo is sent to federations confirming the outcome.

1 April 2020

Annual Meeting resolution/s briefings and wording
sent to federations, WIs and WI Advisers.

April 2020
WI Life

Annual Meeting resolution/s published in WI Life.

April & May 2020

Federations and WIs hold meetings to discuss the Annual Meeting resolution/s. WIs vote for or against one or more resolutions, or give their delegates discretion*.

1 May 2020

Deadline for resolution amendments and urgency resolutions sent to the NFWI.

4 June 2020

Vote on resolution/s held at the Annual Meeting.

If you would like advice and guidance on resolution submissions, or on resolution wording then please do contact the Public Affairs Department at