Subscription rates


Single Membership*

Each WI Member pays a subscription fee to cover the cost of her membership and to help with running the organisation. The 2024 subscription is £48, which is split between the WI, federation and the NFWI to help with running individual groups and the organisation as a whole.

Dual members

Dual members pay an additional £23.60 to their second WIs, on top of their main subscription. There is no pro-rata rate for dual membership; the fee is set for the year.

Pro-rata subscriptions for new members

A new member joining the WI for the first time (or who has not been a member of any WI in the 12 months before their joining the WI) pays a pro-rata subscription. This depends on when she joins, as shown below.

Date of joining in 2024/25Total subscription rate
1 April to 30 June£48
1 July to 30 Sept£36
1 Oct to 31 Dec£24
1 Jan to 31 March 2025£12