Pembrokeshire College WI

Find out more about the first workplace WI to be set up in England and Wales.

This WI meets in person at a workplace.

When was your WI formed and how did the idea arise?

Our WI was formed in March 2009 by members of staff at the College who were looking to socialise with other members of staff during lunchtimes and on occasions during evenings and weekends.

How many members does your WI have?

16 members - but we’re always recruiting!

At our meetings we… have fun, learn, plan and socialise.

How do you spread the word about the Pembrokeshire College WI?

In the weekly College newsletter and during new staff inductions.

Name the three best things about your WI.

  • Everyone is friendly!
  • It is an opportunity to meet people from around the workplace that you wouldn’t get to know otherwise
  • Our members can take time to do and experience things they wouldn’t usually do.

What is the biggest challenge?

Ensuring that we make time to meet and socialise – meeting in the workplace can mean that sometimes we’re juggling lots of things and something comes up just as you’re about to attend the meeting - you have to ensure that you take time for yourself, and away from your desk.