Tasselled Tablecloth Weights

Skill level: Beginner

Size: Approximately 23cm long

You will need:

  • Paper raffia in three bright colours
  • A selection of large-holed wooden beads in coordinating colours
  • A piece of stiff cardboard 5 x 9cm
  • One large safety pin per tasselled weight
  • One round metal keyring per tasselled weight
  • Small scissors
  • Large-eyed needle (optional)

Note: These tassels are not suitable for use outside on a damp or wet day, as the raffia is made from paper and the colours may run.

To make:

1. Cut a length of raffia approximately 60cm long. Fold the raffia in half and put the loop through the metal ring.

2. Thread the two tail ends through the loop (a), keeping ends level and pull up tight onto the ring forming a knot (b).

3. Twist the two ends of the raffia tightly together and thread on 8-12 beads of the same shade, depending on the desired length (a). You can use a large eye-needle to help do this if you prefer. To finish, we used a larger dark bead and a smaller contrast bead at the end. Set beaded section to one side (b).

4. Take the piece of card and wrap a length of raffia around in the 9cm direction (a), about 12 times and cut off working end(b).

5. Take the beaded section again and thread one end of the raffia through all of the loops on the card (a) and loosely tie ends together (b).

6. Cut through the loops at the base of your card to release the tassel. Remove the piece of card and pull the knot tight on the beaded section to secure the loose tassel ends in place.

7. Place a small bead on top of the knot (a) and wrap the tassel ends down to cover the bead entirely (b).

8. Wrap a short length of raffia tightly around the base of the bead and knot ends tightly together (a). Trim tassel ends to the desired length (b).

9. To complete the tassel, create two more beaded strands in the same way, knotting them to the same metal ring. Finally, use a large safety pin to attach your tassel from the underside of your cloth, threading on an extra bead on to disguise the pin, as shown.

10. Repeat steps 1 to 10 to make as many weights are required for your tablecloth.

Project: Jane Bolsover

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