Rabbit Hotpot

Rabbit although not commonly obtained is a tasty game alternative and can be compared with chicken. It can be roasted, stewed, braised or boiled. Ask the butcher to prepare and joint for you.

Serves: 2 if a large rabbit


  • 1 Rabbit
  • 450g Potatoes
  • 250g Carrots
  • 600ml good Chicken Stock
  • A few sprigs of Rosemary


  1. Cut the rabbit into joints and blanche if the butcher has not already prepared the rabbit.
  2. Place in a large casserole and arrange the carrots on top. Cut potatoes into chunks and add.
  3. Add a sprig or two of rosemary and the chicken stock.
  4. Cover and cook in a moderate oven 180C Gas 4.
  5. Serve with a green vegetable.