The Chair's column, WI Life

Issue 86 September 2017

t’s been a fascinating fi rst couple of months for me in my new role. I’ve been attending meetings of the NFWI committees and hearing in detail about all the various opportunities that will be off ered to members over the next few months. 

I’ve been particularly struck by how hard each committee works to give members the best possible experience from their WI membership. Whether it’s inspiration for craft, cookery or gardening projects, events in the fi elds of arts and leisure, or ideas on how to take our campaigns forward, there’s something for everyone, depending on how much or how little they want to get involved. 

We’re keen to do all we can to help federations so that they may support WIs and off er even more opportunities to members. One of the many ways that members can fi nd out what’s available is through My WI.

If you haven’t yet explored this new members only site, then do log on and have a look around. If you’re having problems, then go to and press the ‘Request Access’ button or call 020 7371 9300 for more information. Dive into the world of WI and enjoy! 

I was happy to have the chance to share a little more of my vision for our future in a new interview in this issue of WI Life (you can read it on page 32). I could never have imagined when I joined Wishaw WI 37 years ago that I would one day be NFWI Chair. But here we are, it’s my privilege to serve as your Chair and I’m excited to see what comes next.

Lynne Stubbings

Lynne Stubbings
NFWI Chair