Launch of The Wales We Want Report

 The Wales We Want

The Wales We Want

Launched on 18 February 2014, the year-long National Conversation, led by Peter Davies Commissioner for Sustainable Future and managed by Cynnal Cymru-Sustain Wales, aimed to capture people's views on the long-term goals for Wales.  It was a conversation on behalf of future generations; an opportunity to look beyond the short term pressures of everyday life to the Wales we want for our children and grandchildren.

Launch of The Wales We Want Report
In March 2015, The Wales We Want Report: a Report on behalf of Future Generations was launched. The report sets out the seven foundations for the well-being of future generations:-

1. Children need to be given the best start in life from very early years
2. Future generations need thriving communities built on a strong sense of place
3. Living within global environmental limits, managing our resources efficiently and valuing our environment is critical
4. Investing in growing our local economy is essential for the well-being of future generations
5. Well-being of all depends on reducing inequality and a greater value on diversity
6. Greater engagement in the democratic process, a stronger citizen voice and active participation in decision making is fundamental for the well-being of future generations
7. Celebrating success, valuing our heritage, culture and language will strengthen our identity for future generations

The Wales WOMEN Want – Getting women's voices heard in the National Conversation

NFWI-Wales held events in Swansea and Llandudno to gather the views of women in Wales on the Wales they wanted to see for future generations and the challenges that needed to be addressed to ensure the well-being of future generations.

The events gathered thought-provoking and fascinating feedback on a huge range of issues that matter to women. Some of the issues that delegates felt passionately that Wales needs to address included the poor portrayal of women in the media; ending violence against women; supporting women in the economy; affordable housing; preserving the Welsh language; protecting the environment; education; improving public transport provision; healthcare; gender-parity across all levels of governance; addressing gender issues from early years; education on diversity and equality; and placing greater emphasis on basic life skills.

Read the report of the events. 

The issues raised were fed into the Welsh Government's national conversation on 'The Wales We Want'. 

Delegates at Swansea

Delegates at Llanduno event

Delegates in Llandudno