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Crown Roast of Lamb

An impressive looking dish for entertaining, which need not be very expensive. Speak to your local butcher.

lamb chops in a ring

Fill the centre with stuffing or in balls around the crown, in which case fill the centre with vegetables
1 Crown Roast of Lamb (2 best ends of neck with 6 chops each)
Stuffing or Vegetables for the centre


  1. Ask the butcher to prepare the meat for a crown roast and the rib bones should be scraped clean for 2.5 cm 
  2. Bend the 2 joints round a jar so that the cuts between the chops open out 
  3. Use a trussing needle and string to tie togther (or ask the butcher to do) 
  4. Weigh the joint, place in a roasting tin, remove the jar and fill with stuffing in the centre 
  5. Cover the ends of the bones and stuffing with foil 
  6. Roast at 180C, Gas 4 for 25 mins per 1/2 kg plus an extra 25 mins 
  7. Remove the foil, place on a serving platter and decorate with cutlet frills 
  8. Surround with coloured vegetables and serve immediately with a thin gravy or suitable sauce