Recipe of the week

Cherry & Bourbon Jam

By Ashley Keen, Denman Tutor

A wonderful way to use the fruit in season now

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Vietnamese summer rolls with dipping sauce

Makes 3 x 454g jars


900g Cherries pitted and halved (can use fresh or frozen)

900g Granulated sugar

1 Lemon, zested, juiced, retain the left over lemon

200ml Bourbon whisky


Put a small plate into your freezer.

Place all the ingredients including the leftover juiced lemon into a large, wide, heavy bottomed pan retaining 50mls of the Bourbon. Bring to a rolling boil and reduce. This will take about 45 minutes.

To check if it is ready place a small amount onto the cold plate and check for skin and setting. If it is not ready continue for a bit longer.

Remove from the heat and add your final 50ml of Bourbon.

Take out the lemon and spoon into sterilized jars whilst still warm and seal. Keep for up to a year in a cool dark place and if opened keep in the fridge.