Meat is an important animal protein food perfect for growing bodies and with such a huge variety available carnivores can call upon a huge repertoire when deciding what to cook. However meat is an expensive resource so avoid wasting it and use it wisely.

Care in the preparation, cooking and serving of meat, particularly chicken, is needed by every cook to ensure that food poisoning bacteria such as campylobacter does not endanger the health of guests. Click here to go to our dedicated food hygiene page.

Find below links to some of your favourite meat recipes.

Image of Tomato Soup

Alsatian Chicken & Cheese Flan

Artichoke & Salami Pizza

Autumn Casserole a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Beef Burgers

Beef Goulash

Beef Mexicano

Beef Olives

Beef Provencal a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Bulgogi (Korean Beef Stir Fry)

Cannelloni con Ricotta a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Carre d'Agneau Lorraine

Catalina Pork

Chicken Cacciatore  "a Bee Friendly Recipe"

Chicken Celestine a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Chicken in Cider a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Chicken, Lime & Gin Sauce return to top of page

Chicken with Apricots & Brandy

Chicken with Beans

Chicken with Tarragon " a Bee Friendly Recipe"  

Chinese Style Pork Ribs

Christmas Turkey

Cornish Beef Pie

Coronation Chicken

Cotes de Porc Savoy a "Bee Friendly Recipe"  

Creole Chicken Gumbo a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Crown Roast of Lamb

Duck Breasts with Plum Sauce a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Fegato alla Veneziana (Calf's Liver with Onions)

Gingered Orange Chicken

Gypsy Pheasant

Ham and Pease Pudding

Ham and Tomato Pasta Bake a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Ham, Stilton and Brussel Sprout Tart

Harvest Pie a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Honeyed Pork a " Bee Friendly Recipe"

Jo's Easy Tomato Chicken Curry a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Lamb and Leek Stir Fry

Lamb Fillet with Rosemary a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Lamb Kebabs

Lamb noisettes with apricots

Loin of Lamb Bretonne

Mock Haggis return to top of page

Ossobuco (Veal Shanks) "a Bee Friendly recipe"

Partridge with Cabbage " a Bee Friendly Recipe"

Pigeon, Breast with Apple & Cider a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Pork with Cider & Rosemary a "Bee Friendly Recipe

Poulet aux Amandes

Rabbit Hotpot

Roast Goose a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Roast Beef

Roast Grouse

Roast Lamb, " a bee friendly dish" return to top of page

Roast Pork with Vegetables a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Sausage, Bacon and Bean Bake a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Spanish Pheasant a "Bee Friendly Recipe"  

Stir Fried Chicken with Cashews a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Stuffed Baked Marrow a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

Sweet & Sour Pork a "Bee Friendly Recipe"

Sweet & Sour Chicken, QUICK, a microwave recipe

Turkey & Leek Filo Pie

Turkey Croquettes

Turkey in a Leek & Mustard Sauce

Venison Casserole

Weiner Schnitzel (Fried Veal Escalope)

Yang Chow Fried Rice