Victoria Sandwich

Victoria Sponge Sandwich

This is the traditional recipe. A cake that was popularised in the reign of Queen Victoria and is still a classic today.

This recipe was demonstrated on the Hairy Bikers TV programme

It is a great basic recipe to adapt or develop to create special cakes such as the 3 Tiered Chocolate Cake

Victoria Sponge Sandwich
Cooking Time:


  • 3 medium eggs weighed in their shells (probably 6oz/170g)
  • The weight of the eggs in Butter / Soft Margarine
  • The weight of the eggs in Caster Sugar
  • The weight of the eggs in SR Flour
  • Raspberry Jam to fill – home made / good quality


  1. Set oven Gas 4 160C (fan oven) or 180C
  2. grease and base line the bottom of 2 20cm/8" sandwich tins
  3. Cream butter/margarine and sugar
  4. Beat the eggs then gradually add to the mixture beating well each time
  5. Sieve the flour and fold into the mixture with a metal spoon
  6. Divide equally between the 2 tins and bake 25mins in the middle of the oven.
  7. They are ready when they are golden, shrunk from the sides of the tin and spring back when touched
  8. Remove from the tins and fill with raspberry jam when cold to avoid jam bleeding into the cake
  9. A light dusting of caster sugar on the top will finish it


Kath Mepham a Denman Home Economics tutor demonstrated this recipe on the Hairy Bikers TV programme 25th August 2008.

If you use butter remove from the fridge to soften. This is not necessary with soft margarine.

To reduce the cost of the cake and increase the volume you could use half butter and half soft margarine. Use the soft margarine straight from the fridge.

If large eggs are used they may weigh 7 ½ ozs/210g. If so make sure you use this weight for the other ingredients.

A smaller sandwich cake can be made with 2 medium eggs, these weigh in total about 4 oz/55g. If these are used, put the mixture in 2 x 18cm/7" sandwich tins and the cakes will need less time in the oven – probably 20mins.

For a special luxurious occasion fill and cover with cream and fruit or add chocolate or coffee flavourings!