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Here are some craft projects to have a go at...

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July Crafts Beautiful project

Stitched Nautical Sampler 

Nautical sampler 2

What you need...

Fabric scraps
Box frame with double-aperture mount
Stranded embroidery threads
Cotton piping cord
Fusible webbing
Buttons, string

To Make the Stitched Nautical Sampler 

  1. Assemble the sampler element of the picture;  this is made up of rectangles of fabrics positioned onto  a larger white piece. When you are happy with the design, press any raw edges under that may show within the aperture of the mount. Pin all the pieces in position, then make running stitches along each of the folded edges.
  2. Stitch two larger buttons to the base of the sampler and tie a reef knot in two  lengths of piping cord. Trim ends to the same length, then stick the knot to the sampler with glue. Attach a loop of string to the opposite side of the sampler.
  3. Cut a rectangle of fabric to fit the picture mount. Spray the back of the fabric with adhesive, then position the mount onto it and stick in place. Use a craft knife to cut out the apertures.
  4. Fix double-sided tape around the edge of the apertures and position.  Stick the completed sampler and picture in place. Fix white card over the back, then re-assemble the picture frame. CB

Garden Card

Garden Card

Click here to make this embroidered card

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Knicker Bunting  

Knicker Bunting

click here to make knicker bunting

Patchwork Quilt


Click here to make this patchwork quilt

Crafts Beautiful Heart Bloom Card

Heart Card

Click here to download this simple project to make your own Heart Bloom Card.


This is a fun and easy project.  You just need a wood burning tool and some wooden based objects to experiment with.  You can personalise all sorts of different items.  

Click here to download the instructions

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