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Crafts Beautiful April 2018

April's Crafts Beautiful project... 

Millefiori Eggs

Millefiori eggs

What you need:

  • Polymer clay, Fimo: Soft, peppermint; raspberry;
    pacific blue; Special Effect, vanilla; peach; rose; lilac; aqua; mint
  • Eggs, white, six
  • Ribbon, co-ordinating
  • Cardstock, yellow
  • Paper, polka dot
  • Headpins, six
  • Jump rings, 6mm, six
  • Seed beads, green
  • Tape, double-sided
  • Sterilising fluid

Tools: Dremel hobby drill and narrow drill bit; sponge; needle, darning; beading; straw, thin; tissue blade; skewer, wooden; sandpaper; rolling pin; scalpel

How to make the eggs:

1. Soak white eggs in a bowl of sterilising fluid for an hour and gently clean the surfaces with a sponge. Rinse thoroughly. Mark the centre of both ends of each egg and drill small holes through the shell, then change to a bigger drill bit and make the holes larger. Insert a long darning needle inside, wiggle it around to break up the yolk and blow each egg using a thin straw. Soak them in sterilising fluid and rinse out thoroughly. Dry in the oven on a low heat for ten minutes.

2. Knead and roll out a log of lilac polymer clay, 12cm long, and cover it with rectangles of mint, vanilla and rose clay until it measures 1cm in diameter. Roll the log so that all layers are compressed. Knead raspberry clay until soft and pliable and roll into a long log, 1cm in diameter. Chop into six 12cm lengths. Cover each one in lilac and roll until smooth. Evenly space the raspberry logs around the pink core. Roll rose clay into a long log, 5mm diameter, and chop into six 12cm lengths. Position between the raspberry ones, compress the cane with your hand, and roll until smooth. Chop in half and put one half to the side – roll the remaining half until the desired size is achieved.

3. Using a tissue blade, cut the cane into thin slices and position over the egg. Continue until it's covered; any gaps can be filled in with very small millefiori, but take care not to cover the holes. Roll the egg gently in warm hands and over clean paper until smooth. Place a wooden skewer through, suspend it over a drinking glass, and bake for 15 minutes at 110°C. Once cool, gently rub over the egg with fine sandpaper.

4. Thread a long darning needle with a double length of co-ordinating ribbon and pass through the egg. Create a loop and tie a knot at both ends. Decorate the other eggs in the same way, building up canes to make them more complex or keeping them simple with rolls of coloured clays.

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