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February Crafts Beautiful project

"Quilting Clever"

Take one easy patchwork arrangement, and you’ve got a beautiful quilt to keep you cosy!

You’ll be amazed at how quickly a few lovingly arranged pieces of material can be transformed into a treasured blanket to brighten up the home. In this project, we’ve used the vibrant Suffolk Garden fabric collection by Dashwood Studio for its cheery, springtime freshness, but there really is no limit to the colours and designs you can pick. Better still, this dynamic zigzag arrangement is simple to make, so it won’t take long to get all wrapped up in your comfy, quilty creation.

Start with...

Fabric, cotton; eight prints, plain white
Quilt wadding
Thread, co-ordinating
Binding cotton
Sewing machine
Zigzag quilt

1. Cut 0.25m of eight cotton prints into 8.5cm x 16cm rectangles; you will need 12 of each design. Lay them out in a herringbone pattern to create a series of diagonal strips, repeating the colour order as you work down the layout.

2. Sew each pair of rectangles, right sides together, with a 5mm seam allowance on the long edge, replacing each shape in the layout as you go. Stitch the resulting bi-coloured squares together into rows. Sew these rows together to make a complete panel, taking care to match up the seams accurately.

3. Press the quilt top and layer onto 1.5m of 4oz wadding and backing fabric. Pin the three fabrics together at regular intervals and top-stitch along the zigzag lines to quilt. Trim the wadding and backing fabric so they are 1cm larger than the quilt.

4. Snip the leftover 0.25m of fabric into 4cm-wide strips and stitch these end to end to make one continuous piece. Pin and stitch this length, right sides together, to the back of the quilt with a 1cm seam allowance, mitring the corners. Fold the strip to the front of the quilt, turn under 5mm on the raw edge and pin to cover the raw edges of patchwork. Top-stitch 2mm from the inner folded edge to complete.

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Make your own Christmas gifts

Click here to download this simple project to make your own mix tea gifts

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Now is the time to start making your Christmas oranges

These take some time to dry out so this is the perfect time to get making.  Nothing smells more like Christmas than a cloved orange!

Click here for full instructions on how to create your own


Sugar craft Sprouts!

Click here to download this sugar craft project.  These look so real that no one will believe that they are not real!

Click here if you need a Christmas cake recipe


This is a fun and easy project.  You just need a wood burning tool and some wooden based objects to experiment with.  You can personalise all sorts of different items.  

Click here to download the instructions

Make your own pinecone firelighters

It is that time of year when we start thinking of log fires and Christmas.  This project combines both to make a lovely handmade gift.

Click hereto download the instructions

Create your own Christmas wrapping paper

.............. have a Corgi Christmas!

Why not have a go at creating your own lino print and create your own paper this Christmas!

Click here to download the Corgi project

Click here to download how to create your own lino cut

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