WI members get the centenary party started

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Centenary celebrations begin today (1 January 2014) for WI members everywhere as the specially designed centenary baton officially begins its journey around the UK.  The baton, launched in Anglesey where the first WI meeting was held in the UK in 1915, will now travel throughout the 69 federations in England, Wales and the Islands to celebrate the links of friendship and community developed through the WI, and will finish its trip at the Annual Meeting in June 2015 at the Royal Albert Hall.

The baton will travel the length and breadth of the UK to visit every federation, and will form the start of the WI's centenary celebrations as each federation plans a celebratory event to involve as many WI members as possible.  Plans to celebrate its arrival and travel through each area are as varied as the members themselves; some will take the baton through town centres on open-top buses, on a speed boat, and on specially arranged walks and to parties, with the aim of involving as many members as possible in the biggest WI party.

Each federation will also upload twelve selected photos to a memory stick stored within the baton to represent their members, WIs, and the local area that will be shared on social media to keep everyone in touch and so that members across the country can share in the party.

Janice Langley, Chair of the NFWI, said:
"It's so exciting to launch the first of the many centenary projects planned to celebrate 100 years of the WI.  We can't wait to hear what each federation has planned for their celebratory event, but I'm sure we will be continually amazed by members' ingenuity and creativity when they share their photos.

"Starting the centenary celebrations with members working alongside each other in their federations and beyond really highlights the role that members have played in bringing their communities together since the very beginning of the WI, and we can't wait to follow the baton's trip around the federations."