Statement on Denman - February 2017

Following some press coverage and subsequent inquiries from members, please find a statement from the Chair of the Denman Committee, Pat Tulip, below:

“Denman has been the home of WI learning since 1948 and thousands of WI members enjoy courses and events at the college every year.  Whilst the NFWI Trustees are legally obliged to do the best for the charity they serve, they have all dedicated time and effort to working out the best way to ensure that the college can keep offering its unique educational experience to as many members as possible for years to come.  We know - as most owners of historic houses do - that we will need some level of fundraising and sponsorship to continue into the future in order to supplement the income achieved through the courses.

“The ambitious fundraising target of £2 million was set by the dedicated and enthusiastic group of members who have already raised a considerable sum for Denman.  This is admirable and truly appreciated by the NFWI board; however the future of Denman is not dependent on the fundraising group reaching its target.  The funds are very helpful, but the future of the college depends on offering courses that both members and non-members want to attend.  

“Denman and its ongoing performance is under continual review by both NFWI staff and the Trustees to ensure that the college is operating at its best and offering educational opportunities for all.  The Trustees are truly grateful to every WI member and all of the federations who have raised money and dedicated their valuable time to promote everything that Denman has to offer, and we look forward to continuing to welcome visitors to the college.  As long as the courses continue to fill as they have been doing, Denman will be providing unique educational opportunities now, and for future generations.”