NFWI response to the Government’s gender pay gap regulations

Marylyn Haines Evans, NFWI Public Affairs Chair said;

“The publication of the Government’s gender pay gap regulations is an important step towards tackling gender inequality in the workplace.  The WI has campaigned for equality between women and men for over 101 years, and in 1943 became one of the first organisations in the UK to call for equal pay for equal work across all professions.  Whilst the latest figures show that the overall gender pay gap is decreasing, progress is still far too slow, and 46 years on from the Equal Pay Act, women still earn less than men.

“Research conducted for our centenary in 2015 shows that WI members believe that there is much more still to do to ensure that women do not face barriers at work, at home, and in wider society.  A majority of members still feel that women do not have the same opportunities as men in the workplace, with 56% believing that they are penalised for having children, and 84% finding it difficult to balance family responsibilities with work.

“It is clear that more transparency can only be the start and concerted action is urgently needed to address pregnancy and maternity discrimination; achieve gender parity in well-paying, high-status roles; promote women in STEM; and to support all working parents.  The government must now take the necessary action to demonstrate how it will ensure that progress continues to improve working conditions for everyone.”