NFWI responds to comments on Annual Meeting

The NFWI is deeply saddened to hear that some members did not enjoy some of the entertainment at this year's Annual Meeting and were upset by the songs chosen. The closing entertainment was planned to celebrate HM The Queen's birthday, and it was modelled on the songs selected for the last night of the proms. The WI was founded on the desire to provide an inclusive, welcoming, and open educational membership organisation for all women regardless of background, political beliefs, or religion, and it has sought to uphold these values and aims since the very first meeting in 1915.

With rural roots, the WI has not traditionally been a very diverse organisation but with over 60,000 new members since the beginning of 2015, and new WIs opening in towns and cities every week, the organisation continues to develop and change to reflect its ever-evolving membership.

Some of the discussion of members on social media has been very distressing and whilst all opinions expressed are obviously members' own personal thoughts, the NFWI is upset to see that some members are not respecting the very personal opinions of those whose views differ from their own.  We look forward to hearing from those members who did not enjoy aspects of the meeting and discussing their concerns with them.  We sincerely hope that all members always respect their fellow members thoughts and opinions, and treat each other with courtesy and consideration, whether that's at the NFWI Annual Meeting, in their monthly WI meeting, or on social media forums.