Get moving with #WIWalkingNetball


Are you missing your WI Walking Netball sessions? England Netball WN Development Host Ruth is here to share a fun activity to keep you busy and active whilst at home! Please be careful when taking part in these challenges and only do what you are comfortable with.

Would your WI Walking Netball team like to take part in the passing challenge? If you have a netball, great. If not, don’t worry, get creative. You could throw a tennis ball, a roll of toilet paper, an onion…completely up to you! You will need someone to try and link all of these videos together. If you can't do it yourselves, perhaps a family member can help. Once it is created and you are happy to share it with the NFWI and England Netball Communications teams, please send it to

Watch the video below for some inspiration and, most importantly, have fun and a ‘wiggle and a giggle’!

For more ideas and information on Walking Netball, visit our Sport and Wellbeing area on our member’s platform My WI.