The President is the lynchpin of a Wl and is its leader and sets the style. She should be enthusiastic and decisive, yet approachable and friendly in her manner, interested in her members' views and ready to listen to their suggestions. It is from the contributions of a growing and diverse membership that the development of a Wl will spring and it falls to the President, more than anyone, to encourage and foster this development.

The President is elected at the Annual Meeting, by a secret ballot of the members, from the elected committee members.

As President your principle responsibilities are to:
  • To have a copy of and be familiar with the WI Constitution and Rules for WIs
  • Co-ordinate the affairs of your Wl
  • Oversee the work of your fellow officers and committee members
  • Encourage good relations between the Wl and both the local community and the outside world in general
  • Represent your Wl both within and outside the organisation
  • Ensure your Wl prospers through the active participation of its members at group, Federation and NFWI level and by           means of a developing span of interests and activities.