Nature inspired trinket dishes

You will need:

  • Air dry white clay
  • Old jar, candle or lid (must be rounded)
  • Nature to print with (Ideally small items with details that can be pressed without breaking, small leaves work well, grasses or try verbena, lavender and dried stems)
  • Knife
  • Rolling pin

To make:

1. Take just over a golf ball size amount of the clay from the packet and roll it in your hand to warm up and relax the clay

2. Roll out the clay making sure not to press too hard else it will get stuck on your surface, you can pick it up and flip it over to check as you roll. Roll out to about a 2cm thickness

3. Using your jar, candle or lid, whatever round cutter you have place onto the clay and push down to cut out your circular shape

4. Remove the circle and gather your first piece of nature to press in. Place your stem on the circle and press down to imprint it. Depending on the size of your stem you may want to repeat to build a bigger design in the middle.

5. Once you are happy with the imprint, use your thumb and finger to pinch the clay around the circle to begin crafting the rim of your dish. For an artisan look wave the rim in and out so that it has movement and texture to it.

6. Once you are happy with your dish, leave overnight to dry. Once dried you can leave white for a minimal natural look or add painterly details for a pop of colour!