Crown Roast of Lamb

An impressive looking dish for entertaining, which need not be very expensive. Speak to your local butcher.

Fill the centre with stuffing or in balls around the crown, in which case fill the centre with vegetables


  • 1 Crown Roast of Lamb (2 best ends of neck with 6 chops each)
  • Stuffing or Vegetables for the centre


  1. Ask the butcher to prepare the meat for a crown roast and the rib bones should be scraped clean for 2.5 cm
  2. Bend the 2 joints round a jar so that the cuts between the chops open out
  3. Use a trussing needle and string to tie togther (or ask the butcher to do)
  4. Weigh the joint, place in a roasting tin, remove the jar and fill with stuffing in the centre
  5. Cover the ends of the bones and stuffing with foil
  6. Roast at 180C, Gas 4 for 25 mins per 1/2 kg plus an extra 25 mins
  7. Remove the foil, place on a serving platter and decorate with cutlet frills
  8. Surround with coloured vegetables and serve immediately with a thin gravy or suitable sauce