Resolution Submission Form

All members can put forward resolutions on issues that matter to them and, if adopted at the NFWI Annual Meeting, they become the mandates that form that backbone of the WI’s public affairs work as local and national campaigns.

Resolutions can be submitted by completing the form below or by downloading a copy here.

Please ensure that you have read through the resolutions guidance notes before completing your submission form. You can download this here.

For more information to support your resolution and to access a range of resolutions resources please click here.

Please read through the whole form and prepare all of your answers before beginning to enter them to ensure you do not lose any information if your internet connection is lost before you can submit.

Details of WI or federation submitting the resolution

Federation Representatives (Federation Chairmen and Treasurers), WIs, and the NFWI Board of Trustees may submit resolutions. If you are submitting on behalf of a WI please add the name of your WI. If you are submitting on behalf of a federation please add the  name of your federation.

as agreed at a WI/federation meeting held on *

Once you have submitted the resolution the NFWI may need to get in touch with you about the submission. Please use this space to put down the contact details of the best person to get in touch with. For submissions from a WI this is likely to be your secretary and for submissions from a federation this is likely to be your resolutions adviser.

If your resolution makes it to the Annual Meeting it will need to be proposed before it is voted on. Please add the name here of the member who will propose the resolution. This is usually the member who initially proposed the resolution within your WI or federation and the member who is most passionate  about the issue.

Title of resolution

The title of the resolution is used to identify it throughout the resolutions process. This is the title that will appear in WI Life when members select the resolutions that they support, and it is the title that will identify the resolution as it is voted on at the Annual Meeting.

Wording of resolution

The wording of the resolution is the most important aspect of a resolution. The WI’s future campaigning work on the issue will be based on what is mentioned in the wording of the resolution. It is therefore important that you make this as strong and as accurate as possible. The NFWI public affairs  team will check the wording of all submitted resolutions and will contact any proposers who they believe have submitted resolutions with unclear or ambiguous wording or wording that does not reflect the issue set out by the proposer.

Further information to support your submission

To support the submission of your resolution, please consider the shortlisting criteria and complete the three additional questions below. You do not need to provide lots of information for these (250 words on each is plenty); it is more important that you have considered the points in each section and have answered the questions clearly. This additional information is vital for the NFWI public affairs team and members representing federations at the selection meeting to fully understand the intention of your resolution and what it is that you would like to achieve. It is also important  for you to think through each of these points to ensure that your submission is as strong as it could be.

The issue

What is the problem addressed by your resolution? Who is affected and how are they affected? Is it topical and timely? Does it fit with current areas of public interest? Is it appropriate? Does it fit with the WI’s charitable objects, history and ethos?


Is it targeted and achievable? Does the resolution have a clear and realistic objective? If the resolution is successful, what do you hope a campaign will achieve?


Does your resolution have partnership potential? How can the WI’s work add value to the work of other organisations? Will the WI gain positive media coverage from campaigning on this issue?

Details of Federation representative

All resolutions, prior to submission to the NFWI, need to be checked by  your federation, either by a Resolutions Adviser, or Federation Representative (Federation Chairman or Treasurer) – please check with your federation who was nominated to sign off resolution submissions.

She is only required to check that the wording of the resolution is clear, that the resolution is not repeating an issue on which the WI already has a mandate, and that the resolution does not go against the charitable objects of the NFWI. She cannot refuse to approve a resolution because she disagrees with the content or the aims of the resolution.

The deadline to submit your resolution, including approval from your Federation representative is 13th September 2019. Any submissions received after this date, or submissions that have not been seen and signed off by the federation representative by this date will not be accepted.

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