Fast Fashion

Garment factory 

High street clothing is increasingly being called 'fast fashion'. Like fast food, it is mass produced and designed for instant gratification, but carries with it hidden environmental and social impacts.
This surge in demand for disposable clothing has a host of negative impacts for people and the planet. The NFWI's Fast Fashion initiative worked to raise awareness of the social and environmental impacts of the garment industry and to help members shop smarter.

Members held swishing parties to swap unwanted clothes and accessories, shared sewing skills to revive old clothing, and learned how to reduce the environmental impact of washing clothes. 
Over a hundred people attended the Little Black Dress Fashion Show at the Fashion and Textiles Museum in London, where WI members showed off their own take on the LBD. Entrants designed and made their dresses from scratch, using re-purposed garments, or to minimise environmental impact.  

2011 Campaign Action Pack

Top photo credit: War on Want