Country of Origin Labelling (COOL)

Enid with a pig

The NFWI is campaigning for mandatory country of origin labelling for all meat products. WI members believe that shoppers want accurate information about where their food comes from, so they can make informed choices about the food they buy.

However a current loophole in the law means that current food labelling practices can be confusing. Foodstuffs are labelled as the product of the country in which they underwent the last "substantial change".

This means that a pork pie made in a factory in Britain can be labelled as "made in the UK" even if it is made with
 imported meat. For many shoppers this is misleading as they assume, for example, that "British sausages" will be made with meat from British pigs.

Manufacturers like this system because it is simple and allows them to source ingredients widely without changing labels. But food is not something that is produced in a factory. It is produced from ingredients grown and reared in fields and shoppers want information that reflects a product's true providence from field to fork.

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