Show the Love – Make a heart to wear and share on Valentine’s Day


In the haunting words of a grandfather to his granddaughter, we can hear a message for us all - we have to learn to love this earth again. 76% of WI members believe that tackling climate change cannot be left to the next generation. Let this beautiful new film inspire you to protect our world for the future. Watch and share to #showthelove for all we could lose to climate change.

Posted by The WI (National Federation of Women's Institutes) on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

This Valentine's Day thousands of people across the country are stitching, knitting, painting and baking beautiful green hearts to show the love for all they want to protect from climate change. The changes needed to protect our world have begun. We can have 100% clean energy within a generation – but it needs us to show our love to make it happen.

Last Valentine's Day green hearts connected millions of people and this resulted in an historic pledge from the Prime Minister and the leaders of the other main parties to take action on climate change. This year, following the landmark climate agreement in Paris, we are aiming for an even bigger impact. With the WI's reputation for crafting, members are leading the way, hosting green heart crafting sessions across the country, inviting politicians, the press, and local decision makers to galvanise their communities into action. Here is a selection of the beautiful hearts that members have been making:

Get involved

  1. Make, wear and share your own green heart. Download the supporters pack for some ideas, or make the cross-stitch badge designed by the NFWI's Craft Adviser, Clare Spender. Share your heart on Valentine's Day with the hashtag #showthelove.
  2. Send a heart to your local MP – Tell them what you love that is threatened by climate change and ask that they do something to help protect it.
  3. Host your own green heart making workshop. Download the supporters pack for more information.
  4. Watch and share the video at the top of this page.

For more information about the campaign, download a Supporter's Pack. If you are interested in holding a workshop please contact Oliver at or 020 7371 9300 ext. 212.

The NFWI is a founding member of The Climate Coalition (TCC), a group of over 100 organisations and over 15 million people working for action on climate change. One of the TCC core campaigns is focussed around Valentine's Day, and is called 'For the Love Of….' This campaign aims to show people that climate change is affecting the things in their life that they love, such as chocolate, bees, and beaches, and it asks people to wear and share green hearts to show that they would like to see action on climate change.

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