Show the Love 2017

This February, people across the country will show the love for all the things that are affected by climate change through the power of green hearts. Whether you make one, wear one or share one, each green heart is a moment of possibility — a chance to begin a conversation about the things we love that climate change threatens and the opportunities for a world powered by clean and secure energy.

Surprising and beautiful, green hearts can move worlds. Last year, handcrafted hearts turned Valentine’s Day green as hundreds of thousands of people across the UK shared them with their friends and family.

But it didn’t stop there. Green hearts winged their way across the web and made a special appearance on the BT Tower. They were spotted in Parliament and on Premier League football managers. And in one giant leap for green heart-kind, one was even sent back to earth from the International Space Station!

This year, even more beautiful things are possible. Download our supporter pack here and get involved!

We have produced a range of further resources to support you, including craft and cookery projects to make green hearts, posters, flyers, and top tips documents for holding a local event. Access these by clicking here.

Wear and share a green heart

Wear a green heart, share one with a friend, and talk to others about why you’re wearing it.

Sharing your heart can be an event or just part of your regular day. Give them out at work, share them with your family, or even hand one to your MP. Share them with your neighbours at a local event or share them with the world on social media.

The Climate Coalition are distributing thousands of green heart stickers - Get in touch with the NFWI Public Affairs team to order yours, or request enough for your whole WI!

Alternatively, you can make your own green heart....

Make a green heart to wear and share

Make a green heart on your own or make it an opportunity to get together with friends. Craft a heart to wear, bake a heart to share, or even plant a heart and watch it grow. Need some inspiration? Have a go at crafting this felt heart created by the NFWI Craft Adviser, Clare Spender, or have a go at cooking up these Krispie Hearts and flood iced biscuits, created by the NFWI Food and Cookery Adviser, Victoria Murphy.

When you make a green heart, make it a get together — a chance to meet with friends and neighbours, team mates or colleagues, members of your book group or WI. A bit of company makes light work and multiplies the results — before you know it, one heart will be twenty.

Take a heart to a place you love

This February, invite your friends and family, neighbours and colleagues, or even your whole community to a place that you cherish. Share why you love it, the memories you’ve made there, and your concerns for its future. You can even invite your MP along so they hear how climate change will impact the special places in your local area, and help represent them in Parliament.

We have produced a range of resources to support you in this campaign:

If you are hosting an event, you can use the following top tips documents to help you organise:

If you would like to have hard copies of any of these resources, or are taking part in the campaign and want to share details of what you are planning then please get in touch by contacting Oliver at or 020 7371 9300 ext. 212.

The NFWI is a founding member of The Climate Coalition (TCC), the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action on climate change and limiting its impact on the people, places and life we love at home in the UK and around the world, including the world’s poorest countries. Together with Stop Climate Chaos in both Wales and Scotland we are over 15 million people from all parts of the UK.