Climate Change

The WI has a proud history of taking action to protect the landscape and countryside of Britain. Over the years we have cleaned up our beaches, stood up for the honeybee and campaigned for wide areas of special beauty. In recent times this concern for our natural environment has seen members rally against climate change, the impact of which is already affecting the things that we love. Climate change can be seen through increased flooding, summer heatwaves and the decline of bee populations, it is changing the seasons, affecting crops and flowers, and disturbing the journeys of migrating birds.

Show the Love - February 2017

This February, people across the country will show the love for all the things that are affected by climate change through the power of green hearts. Whether you make one, wear one or share one, each green heart is a moment of possibility — a chance to begin a conversation about the things we love that climate change threatens and the opportunities for a world powered by clean and secure energy.

Our action pack includes projects for crafts and cookery, as well as posters, flyers, stickers and a range of other resources. You could hold a green heart making workshop in your WI meeting, ‘yarn bomb’ a local landmark or present green hearts to organisations championing the issue locally or give one to your MP. Find out more, and access the campaign action pack by clicking here.

Could you be a Climate Ambassador?

For the past year the WI, along with hundreds of other organisations, has worked to raise awareness of climate change and show politicians that there is a strong mandate to make tackling climate change a priority. The next year is a vital period in this campaign, and the NFWI is  recruiting volunteers to be Climate Ambassadors.If you would like to become a Climate Ambassador please email Oliver Hicks-Pattison at

The NFWI will provide regular updates on climate change policy, a toolkit of resources for campaigning in your local area, opportunities to take part in national campaigns, and on going support, including expert training. The ambassadors will work with the NFWI to take action in their constituency, look into the causes and impacts of climate change in their local area, and work to raise awareness of the issue locally.

WI members have vital stories to tell about the impact of our changing climate. The NFWI would like to harness the experiences of members to raise awareness of the things that could be lost to climate change.

For further information download the action pack here.

Past Climate Change Campaigns

Speak Up, Week of Action - October 2016

WI members joined a national week of action to raise awareness of climate change. They took the opportunity to celebrate recent progress on tackling the issue, and to push for an ambitious low carbon investment plan. The Speak Up Week of Action aimed to keep up momentum following the agreement in December 2015 of a landmark international climate deal. Click here to find out more

Valentine's Day 2016

This Valentine's Day thousands of people across the country are stitching, knitting, painting and baking beautiful green hearts to show the love for all they want to protect from climate change. The changes needed to protect our world have begun. We can have 100% clean energy within a generation – but it needs us to show our love to make it happen. Click here to find out more.

Speak Up lobby of Parliament – 17 June 2015

WI members teamed up with over 10,000 people including surfers, farmers, anglers, bee keepers and church groups to speak up for the people and places that they love that are under threat from climate change.

In what was the largest ever climate lobby of Parliament,people from across the UK travelled to London to call on MPs to tackle climate change and deliver 100 per cent clean, safe energy by 2050. Click here to find out more.

Climate March - September 2014

In September2014, world leaders met for an historic climate change summit in New York.

To coincide with the summit, on Sunday 21 September WI members from as far north as Yorkshire and Manchester, and as far west as Cornwall and Somerset gathered in London. They were joined by their families and friends to march alongside40,000 other climate conscious campaigners from across the UK, adding their voices to calls for positive action on climate change ahead of the UN Climate Summit in New York. Click here to find out more.