Programme 2019

January 2nd 

"Women of Tadcaster" with Jean Hardy

Competition: An old piece of jewellery

February 6th

"Marie Curie" talk by Faye Cyrer

Competition: Decorated wooden spoon

March 6th

Slides and Tasting Ice Cream with Dawn Argyle

Competition: Sundae/ice cream dish

April 3rd

"Flights of Fancy" talk on gliding by Dawn Hammond

Competition: Picture of a model aeroplane or flight ticket

May 1st

WI Resolution Meeting

Cheese & Wine

June 5th

"Fantasy Film Flowers" with Jenny Moore

Competition: Porcelain floral ornament

July 3rd

"My First Novel" talk by Olivia Rytuinski

Competition: My favourite book

August 7th

"A Brief History of Tadcaster" with John Firth

Competition: A picture of old Tadcaster

September 4th

"Bed Pans and False Teeth" by Denise Adlard

Competition: Photo of a nurse in uniform or hospital

October 2nd

"Physio Tips for Healthy Living" slides and talk by Dave Baxter

November 6th

Annual Meeting and Prize giving Supper

December 4th

Christmas Lunch