Programme 2017

4th January - Quiz and Sudoku and Refreshments

Competition - Dictionary or old board game

1st February - Wedding Tales with M. Galloway

Competition - Wedding photo

1st March - Pictures of Historical Tadcaster with J. Firth

Competition - Tadcaster momento or photo

5th April - Wetherby Folk Group

Competition - Birthday card or old record sleeve

3rd May - Resolutions meeting

7th June - Life as a Camp Follower with Mrs Mckeown

Competition - Photo in uniform or wartime momento

5th July - Gardening Q&A  with David Mitchell

Competition - Colourful posy or small garden tool

2nd August - History of Knitting with B. Vincent

Competition - Old knitting pattern

6th September - Cooking Demo with Julie Clarke

Competition - Old cookery book

4th October - Gift Wrapping with Karren Kaye

Competition -  Gift wrapped box

1st November - Annual Meeting with Supper

6th December - Christmas Lunch TBA