WI Centenary Celebrations

Information for WIs as they plan for Centenary Events

As many WIs are approaching their 100th Anniversary we thought that WIs might appreciate some clear advice about fundraising for your celebrations.

This may mean having larger meetings each month, extra activities, trips and visits or open meetings to encourage new membership.

Once you have raised any funds then we would advise Treasurers to keep this money completely separate by creating a separate column in your account books or on the Moodle. (This will ensure that specific monies raised are ring fenced and avoid any confusion with general finances)

Once you have planned your celebrations then any money spent must be with the full approval of your members, on the recommendation of your committee. Please note that this should be within the usual requirements for the use of WI funds.

You may wish to subsidise events for your members in order to stretch funds further. Please note that this must apply to members only.

Finally please remember that the usual restrictions apply in line with Charity Commission guidelines, please refer to the Charity Commission website or the WI Moodle.  You may also contact WFWI for advice.

Good luck with your fundraising and celebrations, don’t forget to send in reports so that we can feature them in Corunna News.

Ruth McCartney - Chair Membership & Promotions Sub Committee