New WIs

New WI in Eastergate?

Meetings are being held in the Eastergate Village Hall (PO20 3UT) on
Friday 11th January at 7.30 pm 
Monday 14th January at 10.00 am
to explore the possibility opening a new WI in Eastergate.

Come and find out what the WI can offer you and be one of the first to join!
For further information call 01903 771795 or 01903 778933

Should there be no WI convenient for you why not get a few friends together and we may be able to start a new one!  Our WI Advisers will be pleased to discuss this option.

Just a few facts you may need to know before you go any further:

  • The WI is a national organisation but each WI is run by its own committee.
  • It is a registered educational charity and as such is bound by Charity Commission rules.  This means we may not raise money for other organisations - it is important that this is understood from the start.
  • It is governed by a constitution which is signed by the Officers of the WI on formation.
  • The annual subscription is divided between the WI itself and the National and County Federations.
  • WIs meet once a month on a regular date a minimum of 11 times a year and many also arrange other activities during the month according to their members interests.
  • A WI may only be formed by a WI Adviser (a member appointed by the National Federation)  who will explain the procedure and the rules of the WI before a decision is taken.