Membership Support Sub-committee

WI Advisers

This sub-committee consists of WI Advisers who are members trained and appointed by NFWI to offer guidance and help to WIs where necessary.  They are also responsible for setting up new WIs.  Training and information sessions on all aspects of committee work, officers duties and WI finances are organised.  They may also attend some Annual Meetings and Resolution Meetings as necessary.

All Advisers are available with help and advice on WI matters. Contact details can be found in the Federation Yearbook or contact the Federation Office via the Contact Us page.

"Resolutions - Your Choice"
Tuesday 6th November  -  2.00 -  4.00 pm
Ashurst Village Hall

This meeting is being held to look at the resolutions which have been short-listed for the National Federation Annual Meeting in June 2019.  It is always important before making your selection to look carefully at the wording of the resolution and consider whether it is something appropriate and feasible which members could support if it were passed.

There will be powerpoint presentations and some discussion to enable a representative from each WI to go back to her own WI with more knowledge of the subject to inform members before they each make their selection of the one resolution they would most like to see taken forward.

Please remember every member has the opportunity to make her own choice and WI secretaries will collate these to send to the Federation for counting.