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Welcome to the Surrey Federation

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At the Surrey Federation we have a tradition of fun and friendship, with a strong network of valued friends throughout the county.

We hold many different events, where members and non-members can get to know each other, and become involved in all sorts of interesting activities. How We Work is the page where you can meet members of the Board of Trustees who arrange all of these events.

From our Federation Headquarters, based in new offices in Guildford, we also help and advise the WIs throughout the federation. Our office is open for three days a week and you can contact the staff during the times shown. Our WIs hold monthly meetings with speakers and demonstrations and are always happy to welcome new members.If you are thinking of joining please contact the office when you will be put in touch with a WI Adviser to help you find the one in your area which suits you best.

Chairman's Message - JANUARY 2019

A very happy New Year to all our members. I hope you have all found the Surrey WI News online in MyWI. Information has been sent out as to how to gain access. (see the News & Events [page).

The question of the month is: Why are the federation only putting on one coach to the National AGM in Bournemouth? We have been getting quite a few enquiries about this. I hope the following explains the situation and why things have changed.

In the past the federation has put on two coaches, one from each side of the county, to take the Delegates and WI Advisers to the National AGM. When there has been space, and there always has been, the Observers have also been allowed to take advantage of the transport for a small charge. With about 47 delegates and about 10 WI Advisers we were transporting about 57 people which required two coaches.

The transport to the AGM is paid for by NFWI out of the money collected from each WI under the heading Pooling of Fares, currently £18 per WI. Each Delegate is shared between four WIs or less. The transport is put on to take the Delegates to the AGM.

Last year NFWI questioned why we charged for two coaches when there were only 47 Delegates, who could all fit into a 52 seater coach. After some discussion, when we found out that WI Advisers are no longer entitled to free travel, the federation therefore gave in and paid for one of the coaches out of funds.   We have now acquired a copy of the new rules.

This year we have taken the new rules into consideration, and therefore the federation has arranged for only one coach departing from Guildford station. The idea being that Delegates can get to the coach using public transport or use the multi-story car park to leave their car for the day. Don’t forget out of pocket expenses can be recovered from the WIs who the Delegate represents. When we know how many WI Advisers wish to go and how many Observer tickets we are allocated, NFWI allocate the Observer tickets and until we apply it is not known how many we will get, we may reconsider this decision. Please note that if we put on another coach then those who are not Delegates will have to cover the cost of the extra transport.

I hope this clarifies the situation. It is not true that in the past, except for last year by mistake, the federation has paid for the coaches to take anyone who wanted to go to the National AGM.V

Jane Randell 

Federation Chairman