Christmas Poetry

Our December competition was for a Christmas poem, and we had some great entries.  Here are the poems our members wrote, I never knew we had such a talented membership!

Lawshall has a WI

Its members full of cheer

With thinks to do, and speakers too

We’ll have a good new year!

We had a little turkey

His name was Michael Winner

And on that special Yuletide day

We served him up for dinner.

There once was a small Christmas elf

Who got put out of sight on a shelf

He’d been a bad boy,

Instead of making a toy,

He said “Santa, do it yourself!”

Merry Christmas

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

What a lovely sound

Children singing carols

Snow is on the ground

Santa is coming tonight

Twinkling lights in windows – what a pretty sight

Santa’s on his way, he’s loaded up his sleigh

With the gift and toys

for all the good girls and boys

What a lovely time of year

Everyone raise a glass and be of good cheer!

A Merry Christmas to you all

and a Happy new Year

There once was a woman from Lawshall

Whose culinary skills were just awful

Her cranberry jelly

Would give you a pain the belly

and her Turkey should be considered unlawful

A new group in the village, the WI

What could they offer me, I sigh

Body combat, corsets and craft

A cuppa, good company and a laugh!

Now poems, oh dear, well at least I did try.

There’s a fairy on our Christmas tree

She’s made to sit on top

But everytime she tries to see

She thinks she’s going to drop

So he keeps her eyes tightly closed

And hopes noone will

Then one day she nearly dozed and had to grab the tree

Looking around for some handles

She nearly mistook the candles

Swinging, swaying with a lurch

She nearly fell from her lofty perch

All around are baubles bright

Which doesn’t help her with her fright

Tinsel, fir cones, chocolate too

Whatever’s a girl supposed to do.

Now Mr Cat approached with glee

He spyed poor fairy in the tree

He thought she might be good and tasty

Which made the fairy look quite pasty

Up he went from light to light

With fairy crying, taking fright

Decided she would have to leap

So down she felt in crumpled heap

Mum came in and found her there

Cat was washing with no care

But Mum knew who was naughty cat

For climbing trees was much too fat

So on a diet they agree

And banished him from that tree

Alas the cat has lost his dinner

And so the fairy was the winner

My little boy jut came to me,

and told me what he saw

a great fat man all dressed in red

was coming to the door.

He knocked three times

‘Hello’, we said ‘and what have you got there?’

A great big sack all full of toys, for little girls and boys.

‘But where is Rudolf and your sleigh?’

My little boy cried out.

Upon the roof parked in the snow, and ready set to go.

We have a busy night tonight, we musn’t be too slow.

‘But it’s all wrong’ my little boy sad, tears within his eyes.

‘It’s down the chimney you should come?

Has Mum been telling lies?’

‘No, no’ said he, his face now red his hands behind his back

“The chimneys now are far to small, my tummy’s far too fat’

‘Besides young man, should you be here?

I rather think as not’

‘For past your bedtime it is now, you should be in your cot’

Have pleasant dreams with snow filled themes

And lots of Christmas cheer’

With that a noise of reindeer hooves, a jingle of some bells.

And in his sleigh he rode away

Until this time next year.

A Christmas Poem

Tis the season to be jolly

But there’s no berries on my holly

The mistletoe has faired no better

and Santa has not got my letter!

A tale of woe I hear you say

but there’s still time til Christmas Day

to get out the felt and the knitting

and get busy crafting intstead of sitting

feeling glum and feeling sad

thinking all the world’s gone bad.

Our Christmas Tree will still look festive

with decorations that are suggestive

of an evening spent at the WI

Busy crafting while eating pies

and partaling of delicious mulled wine

Our Christmas Day will still be fine.

So it will be the season to be jolly

with articificial berries on felt made holly

this is no time for gloom and sadness

let’s rejoice in the season with a heart full of gladness.