Useful Terms


ACWW - Associated Country-Women of the World.  A world-wide organisation of country-women's societies to which the National Federation of WIs belong.

AM - National Federation Annual Meeting

BURSARY - An amount given to a WI member to cover all or part of the cost of a course

COINS FOR FRIENDSHIP - The money collected each year by WIs to help with the cost of administration of ACWW.

DELEGATE - A member nominated by a WI to represent them at a meeting, vote in accordance with its instructions and report back on that meeting.

FEDERATION MEETING - Nottinghamshire Federation holds two meetings each year – an Annual Meeting (in the spring) and an Autumn Meeting.  It consists of the Nottinghamshire Federation of WIs, Trustee Committee and one delegate (at the Annual Meeting) from each WI who is entitled to speak and vote on behalf of their WI. Visitors may be invited if space allows.

FINANCIAL STATEMENT - A statement of receipts and payments and the current finances.

HORNBLOWER - Monthly newsletter of Nottinghamshire Federation of WIs, which can be ordered through your WI secretary.

LINK DELEGATE -.A member appointed to represent two or more WIs at an AM.

M. C. S. - Membership Communication System. A register of members details stored on computer.

MEMBERSHIP FEES - Fees that are paid annually to the National Federation by all WIs.

NFWI – National Federation of Women's Institutes.

NOTTS FWI – Nottinghamshire Federation of Women's Institutes.

RESOLUTIONS - A positive statement of opinion put forward for consideration at a meeting. A resolution calls for action and if carried gives a mandate for action

WI ADVISER -A member appointed by the National Federation of WIs to promote the policies of the Federation. WI Advisers are responsible for formations and suspensions of WIs and help with any WI queries or problems.