WI Guide & Promotions

WI Guide and Promotions

Every WI in the country has been given a new WI Guide, it has been produced by the NFWI and contains information about how to have a successful WI and includes links to useful resources on the WI Moodle and NFWI website.
The WI logo of Inspiring Women is the idea at the heart of the logo and NFWI would like every WI to use this logo in communication and Posters to current members, new members and the wider public in a clear, distinct and consistent way.
Your WI is what you make it – WIs comes in all shapes and sizes, National don't want you to change that, they just want us to give a shared sense of the WI by using the new WI Logo of Inspiring Women. The guide shows you how to use colour and typefaces with templates available to customise for yourselves.  The Federations task was to distribute it and explain it to you.

We made up a pack for every WI and it contained: the WI Guide: plus
A new Poster that we have customised for Nottinghamshire
A New Car Sticker we have produced for promotion and a copy of the other promotional materials - A5 FlyerFederation Promotional Brochure: and A Bookmark: that we have available at the County Office for your WI to make good use of.

The WI Guide was presented and explained at the Resolution Meeting and the Annual Meeting. If your WI requires another one please contact the County Office.