Apple Day

Apple Pie

Apple Day 2018

October 2018

Southwell was packed for the 25th Anniversary of Apple Day on Saturday 20 October with Bramley Apples everywhere – in shop windows – in the Minster and of course in the WI Competition area. Members found their way to the Minster to purchase an Apple Pie from our stall and went along to the Bramley Centre to have some refreshments served by the WI. Then have a look at the Competition entries and the lucky winners. Thank you all and your WIs for making apple pies or entering the competitions helping us to make Apple Day a success. At the prize giving the winner of the very 1st Apple Pie competition in 1994, Margaret (Mansfield Woodhouse & Pleasley Vale WI) presented the winner of this year’s competition, Margaret (Anston WI) with her Apple prize.

We invited Margaret to an afternoon tea alongside Margaret Foss, Ann- Marie Morley, Jane Jefferson and Ruth who have all contributed their time over the past 25 years to help make the competition a success. Trustees and friends of the Federation also helped with the competitions, cakes and preserves for the stalls and refreshments. A display board showed the WI involvement at Rufford in 1994, then at Southwell onwards to the present day. At the prize giving we gave Margaret Foss presents and a ceramic apple to thank her for the work she has done on behalf of the Federation.

Apple Day Results available from County Office


Bramley Apple Pies

  • Appearance: the pie can be decorated but may be left plain. If a glaze is used it should be applied evenly. The pie should be evenly baked.
  • Internal: the balance of pastry to filling is important, not too much pastry to apple. If flavourings are used they should be mixed evenly with the apple.
  • Taste: the flavour of the pastry must not overpower or 'fight' with the apple, some fats have a very strong flavour and the flavour of the filling is lost under this. If spices or other flavourings are used with the apple they should enhance the flavour of the apple, not overpower it
  • Baking: putting a baking sheet in the oven to heat up, and placing the pie directly onto that can assist the base to cook. If you cook the apple in advance ensure it is well drained and that it is cold when you put it in the pie.
  • Other baked entries: Lining papers should always be removed from the item before showing. The hints for the pies will be applicable for some other dishes cooked.
  • Preserves: The date the preserve was made MUST be written on a label on the jar. Jars should be filled to the top. Plastic or coated metal lids must be new and not have a wax disc under them. Curds must be covered with a wax disc and cellophane cover.

I hope this helps you when you are preparing your entries for any competition.

Margaret Foss