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The Past Revisited

Come and visit the Federation office to have a look at the scrapbooks and displays of artifacs from our 100 years of history. Have a look around the house and then enjoy a tea or coffee with WI food available all day.The WI shop will have a selection of giftware.  .
Venue: County House
Days: Wednesday 14 March. Thursday 15 March and
Friday 16 March  
Time: 10.00am - 4.30pm


Centenary Celebrations

In April, we began celebrating the Federation’s Centenary commencing with the Annual Meeting at Nottingham. The ‘Inspiring Women’ from your WI will be celebrated that day. Our year will run from April 2017 – April 2018. The first WI meeting was held at Southwell in May and addressed by Mrs Madge Watt, who whilst staying with a relative, thought it an ideal place for a WI.  The Hon Mary Handford, was elected the President at their first meeting in June 1917. East Bridgford was the next WI to meet in September and were formed in December 1917. By early 1918 there were 8 more WIs together with the County Federation holding a meeting in February, the Hon Mary Handford, being elected the first Chairman. The Golden Jubilee was celebrated in July 1967 with a County Rally at Thoresby Hall and the Diamond Jubilee in 1977 with a week of celebrations at Newark Palace Theatre. The 70th Anniversary in 1987 had many events including a Thanksgiving and a Wall Hanging. In 1997 for the 80th Anniversary one of the events was a Fun day at Rufford. For the 90th Anniversary in July 2007 there was an Exhibition at Newark Parish Church. We have tried to organise events that reflect the traditions and have them spread over from April 2017 – April 2018. A Fun Day, an Exhibition, a Thanksgiving and included are a Centenary lunch, Centenary dinner, and Brass Band Concert. Other Federation events such as the County Show, Autumn Meeting, Denman Weekend, and an Inter Federation Bowls match will also celebrate the 100 years. We will be publishing a Federation Favourite’s Cook Book and there will be commemorative items for sale. To bring us more up to date we will be setting up, with your help, a digital Centenary Federation Archive.

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Denman One day events:

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