Centenary Archive

Centenary Archive

These articles are appearing every month in
The Hornblower the Federation Newsletter.
All the information is taken from
'A History of the Women's Institutes in Nottinghamshire 1917 - 1987'.
The last 30 years history has been collated from the Hornblower and memory!
More can be found in our scrapbooks. 
The articles can only be a 'bird's eye view of 100 years.
We hope you enjoy reading a little about the past.
We have had 4 Archive banners printed that will be
on display at our Centenary events
.Nottinghamshire History panels


March Hornblower: The first ten years

April Hornblower: The second decade

May Hornblower: The War Years

June Hornblower: 1948 - 1958 Post War onwards

July Hornblower: 1958 - 1968. 40 years on

August Hornblower: 1968 - 1975 Women of Property

September Hornblower: 1976 - 1986 60 years on

October Hornblower:A Decade of New and Renew

November Hornblower: 1997 -  2006 Into the Millenium

December Hornblower: 2007 -2017 The last ten years