JULY 2018

It's great to report that three Nottinghamshire WI's, Caunton, Plumtree and Hawton & District have had visits to Denman this year. More members are now taking advantage of the wonderful range of residential courses on offer too. Never worry about attending Denman on your own, you will meet ‘friends you have yet to meet' on arrival.

  • The latest batch of Denman Bursaries have recently been released, there are lots of opportunities for first time visitors and details of these can be found on the Federation Website. Information is also available from the office. Please do apply - someone has to win them!
  • A monthly reminder! for which I cannot apologise, Denman will always need our support, so please think about possible fund raising for Denman - If you have an idea, please do get in touch and every effort will be made to support you. At the NFWI Annual Meeting a LOVE Denman appeal was launched with a fund-raising pack to download with ideas to ‘Host an event’ such as a tea party with cake flags and posters available. Have a look at the Denman website for more details.

There are events happening at all times: -

You can see all the courses and information for Denman by following the link below.

Denman Forthcoming Events

Denman Bursaries Available