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Your knitting was collected at the end of October and we have received a lovely letter from Teams4U. “Please can you pass on a huge thank you for all the wonderful knitting we collected from County House, the WI ladies have provided a massive total of 1,253 items! The thanks come from not only Teams4U, but most importantly from all the very needy children who will receive their gifts this Christmas in Romania, Ukraine, Bosnia and Belarus. The joy these warm, beautiful hats, gloves, scarves etc., bring to these children is great, knowing they have been loved and thought about by others is so very special. Thank you again to all those very clever WI knitters across Nottinghamshire, your care for others less fortunate than we are is most appreciated. May you all have a happy Christmas”.

  • ACWW. (Associated Countrywomen of the World) We have recently received information from NFWI. They have had meetings with ACWW as the WI is legally obliged to work within the objectives set out in the WI Constitution. ACWW have agreed to provide a list of projects that comply with WI objectives to the NFWI once a year. They, in turn, will notify the Federations of those projects. To ensure that the money WIs and Federations donate to ACWW is used only for those projects and the related administration cheques should be made payable to ACWW (WIPfF). The abbreviation stands for ‘WI Pennies for Friendship Fund’. When the list is ready, we will let you know the project we have chosen. Until then please remember, when you do send a Pennies for Friendship cheque for ACWW, make sure it has ACWW (WIPfF). Thank you for your support.


NFWI Mandates from 1918 to date. The WI is an entirely member-led organisation. Every year WI members have the chance to put forward issues they want to see the organisation campaign on. Download a copy from the MyWI website.

  • 2018 Resolution - Make Time for Mental Health campaign aims to tackle the stigma associated with mental health problems and asks for better support for those who need it. It calls on WI members to recognise the importance of parity between mental and physical health and take action to make it is as acceptable to talk about mental health as physical health. Campaign resources are available to Download from the MyWI website or to request a hard copy, contact the NFWI Public Affairs department:




YOU can join ACWW as an individual or as a group.

YOU can get involved with programmes to help rural women.

YOU can keep informed about women needing our help through ‘The Countrywoman’, the quarterly magazine which covers ACWW news and international projects. All members receive a copy of ‘The Countrywoman’ quarterly.

YOU can encourage donations to Pennies for Friendship at your meetings.

YOU and your members could organise an ACWW Awareness Day or a fundraising event.

YOU can find out more from the website:

Join ACWW and make life better for rural women worldwide.

Helen Crowder, ACWW Rep.


  • Sign up for updates to the NFWI campaigns: They will be putting together a campaign action pack for members who want to get involved with the campaign. Get in touch with the public affairs team using the details below to register your interest. Email: :Post: NFWI PA department, 104 New Kings Road, London, SW6 4LY :Telephone: 020 7371 9300 ext 212 : Tweet: @WomensInstitute