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Welcome to the Northamptonshire Federation

Northamptonshire is a beautiful County with plenty of open spaces, historic locations, pretty villages and friendly WIs.

Sue Kendall Chairmkan 2017

There are 124 WIs all told and each one is different from the other, as indeed are each of us. Some WIs have just a handful of members whilst others have more than fifty. Every one however, is ready to give new members a warm and friendly welcome, whether you wish to join for friendship, fulfilment or fun in general. 

WIs in our County are situated as far north as Gretton and Glapthorne and down to the south at Aynho and Charlton. To the far west we have Staverton, Kilsby and Yelvertoft WIs and to the east Hargrave, Higham Ferrers and Rushden & Newton Bromswold. Even their names sound interesting!  

As a Federation we aim to offer our members as varied a programme as we can, enabling women to develop new skills. We cover areas of sport such as abseiling and archery to white water rafting! We have an interesting travel programme each year designed to educate, inform and enjoy. Courses for all types of crafts are arranged, together with many educational opportunities. 

Additionally we are fortunate to be within easy reach of Denman College where the range of seminars, residential and day courses is excellent. Denman College also offers everyone a great opportunity to meet like-minded people from other WIs and beyond. 

Many of the events organised by the Federation, and indeed within each individual WI, are open to family and friends too. Our Federation is a small part of a National organisation that encourages members to care about the world and think of others. 

We strive to work together, have fun together and I feel sure there is a WI here in Northamptonshire waiting to welcome you.

Should you want any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the office 01604 646055.

Sue Kendall
Federation Chairman

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