Public Affairs

Resolutions April 2017

About Us

Up to twelve Norfolk WI members sit on this sub-committee, at any one time.

We aim:

  • to foster international relations, to advise initiate and undertake to follow up work on National and County mandates pertaining to all public affairs
  • to arrange conferences, study days, courses and visits to foster and encourage interest in the above subjects.
  • to encourage active work by the WIs and to co-operate with other bodies where appropriate, both voluntary and statutory.

We keep members up-to-date on matters of public concern. We advise, initiate and undertake to follow up work on National and County mandates of social concern, including the National Green Hearts campaign and International Women’s Day.  The Sub-Committee includes the following Norfolk Federation appointments: ACWW Representative, Carers & Health Matters, Environment Officer, Climate Ambassador, Resolutions Adviser and Science Representative.

So that our voice is heard, the Federation has appointed Committee members to represent the WI in other organisations: these include Age UK Norfolk, CPRE, Community Action Norfolk and the Norfolk Bus Forum (which the Federation chairs).

This sub-committee arranges conferences, study days, courses and visits on diverse topics such as science and the environment, health and home, and women’s affairs locally and globally. The annual Women Walk the World, part of ACWW, is a popular event organised by the Committee.

One of our most important jobs is to guide WIs through the Resolutions, organising information days for members, with experts to give us more background information before we cast our votes.

Would you be interested in getting more involved in NFWI Public Affairs?

  • Promoting National or Norfolk campaigns in your part of Norfolk?
  • Discussing Resolutions: possible or actual?
  • Hearing more about NFWI PA Events?
  • Joining us?

Please use the "Contact Us" tab to get in touch and find out more.

Trafalgar DayA growing number of WIs have a Public Affairs Link (Norfolk PALs).

Contact us if you are interested.