Public Affairs

About Us

Up to twelve Norfolk WI members sit on this sub-committee, at any one time.

We aim:

  • to foster international relations, to advise initiate and undertake to follow up work on National and County mandates pertaining to all public affairs
  • to arrange conferences, study days, courses and visits to foster and encourage interest in the above subjects.
  • to encourage active work by the WIs and to co-operate with other bodies where appropriate, both voluntary and statutory.
Resolution Meeting 

Norfolk Federation Appointments

The Public Affairs Sub Committee includes the following Norfolk Federation Appointments: ACWW, Carers & Health Matters, Environment Officer, Climate Ambassador, Resolutions Adviser, Science Representative.

Representation on Outside Committees

We also formally represent the WI on the Norfolk Bus Forum (which we also chair), Age UK Norfolk Community Action Norfolk (formerly NRCC),

Would you be interested in getting more involved in NFWI Public Affairs?

  • Promoting National or Norfolk campaigns in your part of Norfolk?
  • Discussing Resolutions: possible or actual?
  • Hearing more about NFWI PA Events?
  • Joining us?

Please use the "Contact Us" tab to get in touch and find out more.

Trafalgar Day 

A growing number of WIs have a Public Affairs Link (Norfolk PALs).

Contact us if you are interested.

What We Do

Big White Ribbon 
On 25.11.16 we held an event to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women at the Forum. BREAKING THE SILENCE
Norfolk Women Reaching Women on International Women's Day, with Aneeta Prem of the Freedom Charity
Norwich Cathedral, 8th March 2017, 10:30 to 12:30
An opportunity to meet a range of organisations and to pledge  to take action for the United Nation's Sustainable development Goal 5 to "Eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls worldwide"
IWD 2017 

Green Heart

Take photographs – send them to your local newspaper. Make use of social media – Facebook, send tweets, post pictures on Instagram. Let your local MP know what we are doing, perhaps send him a green heart. Do you know any local celebrities? If you do, send them a green heart too. People like gifts, and sharing your hearts will bring them pleasure.

We CAMPAIGN on Local and National issues.
Pictured "Green Heart Crafting" for February 14th 2016

Look out for: SHOW THE LOVE ... AND TELL!!

By getting together to make Green Hearts out of whatever materials you like – paper, wool, fabric, anything you have to hand. By involving as many people as you can helps to spread the word on climate change.

We get involved in a range of activities related to the Environment.Please see below: our Bee Friendly Garden at Evelyn Suffield house.
We are interested in a number of HEALTH matters and have done our Dementia friendly trainingWe are interested in a number of HOME affairs. Please visit our Norfolk Bus Forum page.
We support ACWW projects through "Pennies for Friendship" and organise a Women Walk the Worldwalk for all Norfolk WI members on Women Walk The World day (pictured)
Our RESOLUTIONS Adviser helps WIs wanting to compose resolutions to go to the National Annual Meeting and we hold two meetings a year to support the selection and voting process.
We work with a coalition of women's groups (which we convene) to put on an annual event for INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S' DAY
 Cream Tea Chemistry participant

We arrange SCIENCE days. Pictured "Cream tea Chemistry" Cream Tea Chemistry

Trafalgar Day 

We arrange THEMED EVENTS.Pictured:  Trafalgar Day, October 20th 2016