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Welcome to the Middlesex Federation

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The Middlesex Federation was formed in 1921. Our Federation covers the historic area of Middlesex, which was originally created by the Anglo Saxons.  It covers the area from Leytonstone's Stone Rangers in the east to Iver in the west.  Bounded by the Thames, it stretches from Halliford and Sunbury-on-Thames in the south to Clay Hill in the north. 

Our first WI was Hillingdon which opened in March 1919 and is still going today.  We now have 50 WIs and over 2000 members.  Each WI has its own personality with many activities to choose from.  Both day and evening meetings are available but if there is not one in your area you could always start a new WI with help from the Federation.

There are lots of ways to get in touch with us and get to see what other WI's are doing.  Our monthly newsletter can be emailed to you or you can subscribe for a hard copy delivered to your WI.  We have a Facebook page and a closed group for Members.  We are also developing the pages on this website to help you find out more about what is going on in the Federation.

As well as attending your local meetings, I hope to be able to welcome you to our events and to our Annual Council Meeting.  This is our annual business meeting held at the Winston Churchill Hall, Ruislip.  It starts with a review of the Federation's year and plans for the future, from which members gain an insight into the work of the Trustees.  The day continues with interesting speakers and entertainment and a chance to meet old friends and make new acquaintances from other WIs.

Membership of the WI brings so much to your life, new interests and new friends so do come along and meet us - you never know where it will lead you.

We look forward hearing from you

Mrs Elizabeth Morrell
Federation Chairman