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Hours of business: 9.30am to 3.00pm Monday-Thursday

Welcome to the Leicestershire & Rutland

Janet Kirk

The Leicestershire and Rutland Federation was formed in1918.   We have expanded since then and currently have144 WIs through the two counties. These range from small village ones with a fewmembers to larger ones with over 100 members – so whatever your age orinterests, there is sure to be a WI not too far away from you waiting towelcome you. 

All the different WIs offer fun and friendship and a chanceto learn new skills. There is usually a speaker at the monthlymeetings, and time to socialise with fellow members. Otheractivities, such as walks, outings or craft groups feature on the WI calendardepending on the interests of the members. If you are new to an area, it is a wonderfulway to make friends. 

The Federation sub-committees also offer members a variedprogramme of events on topics such as health, science, public affairs, leisureactivities, art, crafts and cookery. The staff at our newly refurbished offices inLeicester will be very happy to help you find a WI to suit you.

Janet Kirk
Federation Chairman

Leicestershire and Rutland Federation of Women's Institutes
August  Monthly Draw Results

First Prize £25.00149 Janet KitchingCossington  WI
Second Prize £15.00 27 Val BlowfieldQuorn WI
Third Prize £10.00124 Anne BetteridgeNarborouhg & Littlethorpe  WI

Loros Baking Rota 2017


For Members attention

All WI correspondence e.g. Yearbooks, Programme Secretaries and Officers Lists or any members contact details should not be passed to outside organisations without  consent.


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Federation Quiz   Results

Mountsorrel WI will be awarded the Competition Cup as the overall winner at the ACM in March 2017 with a score of 75 points


Loving Later Life - see details


Saving Denman 

To 18 July 2016 the Appeal has raised £84,380. We’ve also now set up a JustGiving site so people can donate online.. Here’s the link:  The bucket collection at the Annual Meeting raised a massive £4,901 and 40p. Thank you to everyone who helped out on the day!


Why not apply to become a Trustee for Leicestershire and Rutland Federation?

This is a very rewarding role and with our Centenary coming up in 2018, a chance to have an input into these exciting times. If this is for you, please contact Susan at WI house Tel 0116 2661342 for more information. 

Application forms will be in this month's mailing.




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