Federation News


It has come to our notice that WIs are not all checking their Mail Boxes

There are many new members enquiries which have not been answered as well as information from the Federation and NFWI. This means your WI is missing out on all sorts of events and offers and potential new members.

Please, if you have a problem accessing your Mail Box ring Clair at the Federation Office.

Many Thanks


WI Mailboxes

Ladies, please note that all enquiries for new members to join a WI will be handled by the Federation Secretaries in the future.

The secretaries will provide the meeting details of the relevant WI and provide the enquirer with the WI Mailbox contact.

This does mean that someone from your WI committee will need to check your Mailbox on a regular basis as we do not wish to lose any potential new members.

If you have any queries regarding accessing or using your WI Mailbox, please contact Clair on or telephone 01892 823813


Walking Netball


Two members to train as Walking Netball hosts.

Walking Netball has proved to be very popular and many of you ladies are wanting to come and try at our taster days. Here is a great way for you to get involved. There are places for two of our members to train to be a Walking Netball host. This would mean that you would be trained to run and coordinate sessions. The training is organised by England Netball and takes only a day and it's FREE. It's a great way to support other members to get fit and have fun. You will be taught all that you need to know.

So please, if you are interested contact the Federation office and we can pass your details on to the organisers.


Reminder to all WI Secretaries

You will recently have received your Federation Yearbooks and you will notice that, due to the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation, personal email addresses for WI officers are not included. We strongly encourage you to make use of your WI Mailbox issued by the Federation.

The Federation office will now be using your WI Mailbox to contact you with all Federation news, Denman offers and new member enquiries. It is vital that this mailbox is checked on a regular basis.

If you have any issues accessing your WI Mailbox or need a reminder of your login details which were originally sent out in the September 2017 EMP, please contact the Clair Samuell on or telephone the office on 01892 823813.