Federation News

December 2018

Please note that the Federation Office will close on 21 December 2018 and re-open on 2 January 2019

Speakers Audition - Help Select our Speakers - Malling Group will be holding an Auditions Day for our List of Speakers on Wednesday 20 February 2019 at Ryarsh Village Hall, Ryarsh, West Malling. Application forms for tickets will be sent out to all WIs in that Group and surrounding Groups, but if you are interested in going and would like an application form, please contact the Federation Office. Tickets will be £4.50 which will include tea or coffee on arrival but you will need to bring a packed lunch. The closing date for ticket applications is Friday 18 January 2019.

List of Speakers - The next List of Speakers is currently being prepared. Please let the Federation Office know if you have an issue with any speaker.

Please note that Woolwich & Plumstead Roses WI have left Cray Group and are now part of London Group

Reminder to all WI Secretaries

You will recently have received your Federation Yearbooks and you will notice that, due to the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation, personal email addresses for WI officers are not included. We strongly encourage you to make use of your WI Mailbox issued by the Federation.

The Federation office will now be using your WI Mailbox to contact you with all Federation news, Denman offers and new member enquiries. It is vital that this mailbox is checked on a regular basis.

If you have any issues accessing your WI Mailbox or need a reminder of your login details which were originally sent out in the September 2017 EMP, please contact the office.

WI Diaries

Last year we took the difficult decision to stop producing a Federation calendar - this was due to a large drop in sales and difficulty in obtaining suitable photographs. This year we have been informed that NFWI have again increased the price of the WI Diary for 2019 to £4.70 - we were left with many unsold diaries in 2018 and it has been decided that we will not stock diaries in the future. It will still be possible for you to order diaries through WI Enterprises at a cost of £5.30 including postage and in coming months you will see details of how to order in WI Life.