In Hampshire, there are a number of committees who meet at WI House in Eastleigh, to ensure the smooth running of the Federation. They consist of WI members who have a particular interest in the work of that committee.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES - manages the work of the Federation and sets the policy and is responsible for the staffing as well. All Federation Committees are answerable to the Board and in turn, the Board works in direct contact  with NFWI to carry out their policies. The Board is responsible for the financial management of all assets and the production of Annual Accounts.

COMMUNICATIONS - a small group who look at the different media of communication across Hampshire.

CREATIVE ARTS - the committee also give guidance on matters within their remit, be it the schedule for competitions to finding tutors for WIs.

INCOME GENERATION - is a small group who look at the larger events that can be run to raise money specifically for the benefit of running the Federation. 

LEISURE ACTIVITIES - the committee, as the name suggests is all about getting out and about with others. We have great fun on these events and hope to see you at some of them.

PUBLIC AFFAIRS AND INTERNATIONAL - this Committee does what its name implies, we aim to interest members in International Public Affairs including the Hampshire Federation and National Federation Resolutions and matters connected with science in it’s broadest sense. We also host and promote Associated Country Women of the World as part of our International arm.

TRADING POST provide tantalising things to buy at the large Federation Meetings. These are taken to WI Meetings by WI Advisers as a service to members and a source of income to the Federation.

WI ADVISERS - are members that have taken some extra training to help WIs run smoothly, to start new WIs and also promote the work of the WI at outside events. During the year, there are training events, run by the Advisers to help WIs in training treasurers, helping secretaries and presidents in their role and sometime in the basics of standing up and speaking with more confidence.The Committee meets eight times a year and is always pleased to welcome observers, who might just want to know more about the workings of the WI but hopefully will feel that the role of an Adviser is so rewarding that they would like to become one too. The Advisers are appointed by NFWI. The Committee also welcomes enquiries for new WIs across Hampshire. At present several new WIs have been started and more are in the pipeline. Meetings are held alternately in the day time and evening, to encourage some of our very talented new members, who work, to get more involved.

YEARBOOK has two purposes. The committee arrange Speaker Selection Sessions, where members provide an audience to hear potential speakers for the Federation Yearbook. This is used by most WIs as a source of good speakers who would be enjoyed by their members. Five such sessions are run throughout Hampshire during the Year. The second role is to collate all information on WI Officers, WI Groups and Speakers to form a Yearbook which is a book much used by WIs and members to help in running their WI effectively.