Save our Community Hospitals

See Red Day

Following the huge public support for the Redline March in Barnstaple a few weeks ago, a similar march is being organised in Exeter for the whole county to take part in.  The Exeter “See Red Day” is set for Saturday 3rd December. Individuals and groups are being asked to wear red and take part in this peaceful protest against the proposals to radically change and cut our healthcare services in Devon. (This information comes from our IPA subcommittee.) Click this link for more details

Redline March

"Crisis in Community Hospital provision in Devon"

MPs Neil Parish and Hugo Swire have teamed up MPs around Devon to secure a parliamentary debate on Community Hospitals in Devon. The debate is timetabled for the House of Commons next Tuesday 18 October 2.30 to 4pm.

Exercise your chance to inform this debate and let our leaders hear the voice of Devon WI by writing to your MP with any concerns or positive experiences you have had with your local community hospital.

Heather Penwarden
International & Public Affairs

Please act quickly this affects us all


Letter from Heather

Dear All

You will be aware that we are facing a crisis in the way our community hospitals are being run. Hospitals across Devon are faced with widespread closures of their medical beds. In Eastern Devon for instance the proposals are to go from 12 community hospitals to 3. This will undoubtably affect our members many of whom who live in rural locations with poor access to transport systems.

As Chairman of Honiton Hospital League of Friends I have been campaigning hard against these closures putting forward many arguments as to how short sighted it will be given our ageing population and the already over stressed state of our District Hospitals.

Last week I met with my MP Neil Parish to outline our concerns. He took all of this on board saying he would speak to all the other MP's in Devon and try to provoke a Parliamentary debate on the issues.
True to his word and along with MP Hugo Swire they have managed to get a 1 1/2 hour slot in the House of Commons next Tuesday 2.30 pm when the crisis in Devon community hospital care to have a full debate.

I know from my own Group that WI members are very distressed about the whole affair and are asking me what they can do to try and at least call a halt to the closures until there has been a full debate in parliament.
You will see from tabove that I am advising people to write to their own MP's with any concerns they have or examples of good care they have received in their own Community Hospitals. The more informed our Devon MP's can be about the views and feelings of their constituents the more informed the parliamentary debate will be.

Heather Penwarden